Whether you are living with a chronic illness, struggling with substance use, or you are a caregiver or family member to someone who is, attending counseling can be an essential aspect of your healthcare strategy. While feeling down or anxious may be a natural consequence, you don't have to ignore how you’re feeling. We will work together to alleviate stress-related symptoms and help you focus on managing a meaningful life.

I know that coping with chronic health challenges or substance use is one of the most challenging things anyone can face. It is lonely, strenuous, and persistent. What is often overlooked is the fear, anxiety, guilt, loss, anger, and sadness associated with the changes they bring to your life and those around you. Addressing these emotions can be a quick process for some, but it can take time for others.


Life Can Change You. But it Doesn’t Have to

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I am a real-talking, strength-building, solution-finding, hope-creating therapist. I believe that healing is a process, that change is possible when we assume responsibility for that change, and that a little bit of humor can go a long way. I am an adult child of an alcoholic, I am in recovery and I have multiple sclerosis (amongst other stuff-I am a true spoonie). All of those have stigmas. Yet, they have all helped me find deep levels of peace, serenity, and grace. My goal is to help you find the ways health challenges or substance use can motivate, strengthen, and guide you.

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Tell me if this is you:

You struggle with fear, anxiety, and guilt associated with the changes.

You’re fighting battles others know nothing about.

You don't want another “how does that make you feel” therapist.

You've read so many self-help articles and still feel inadequate at times.

You need a firm place to stand and someone to guide you to the rock.  

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